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All pictures are 1998-2020 Charles Frey unless otherwise noted. All original written works, captions and/or photographs are copyrighted and remain the sole and exclusive property of the creator. All rights reserved. Printing or any other reproduction of pictures from this website or commercial usage is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the copyright owner.

So here's me speaking: Obviously I do make the full size images availble for download on the majority of photos. I am currently a college student and much more of the open community type mind set rather than the corporate one. If you want to use a picture of a wallpaper, or print out and put on your wall because you're in the picture, please do so. Don't feel you need to worry about any sort of issues. This is my definition of personal use. For anything other, including but not limited too, web sites selling anything by anybody, to decorate any business establishment, any news publication (excluding the Georgia Tech Student Publication "Technique" or "Blueprint"), etc, etc, written consent must be obtained. Using an image as the background on your computer at work, is not included under this restriction and is perfectly allowed.


Some people have asked, but it's not good enough to distribute, so I'm not going to. :)

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