Charles' Photo DB Spring Break - Wisconsin and Raleigh

Spring Break - Wisconsin and Raleigh

Visiting my dad and grandparents over Spring Break

Ian Clark and Kimberly on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta during the flight Random NWA A320 Cool jumping water fountain at the NW terminal in Detroit Gayle's Chocolates very neat light and sound tunnel at new MW terminal at DTW CRJ that annoying terminal lady yelled at me for taking a picture of.  I must be a terrorist, I'm taking a picture. My Dad Grandma and Dad standing in front of Frey Ln. in Medford, WI Old school house Downtown Medford The Train Station the family family family nice hat snow mobilers Pitcher of Pop The garage the kitchen the basement steps to the basement very pretty husky that was wondering around very pretty husky that was wondering around Dad, Grandpa, and his Farmall Model H Dad, Grandpa, and his Farmall Model H Dad, Grandpa, and his Farmall Model H Dad, Grandpa, and his Farmall Model H the other tractor the hay loft in the barn the rear door the entire hay loft where we used to build (and what's left of) the hay forts we used to build The lift for transporting hay into the hay loft from outside what's left of the milking area the inner room of the milking shed more of the model the nice guy who build the model standing in front of the barn the milking area hay loft back side of the barn the other barn he's working on milking area hay loft The aforementioned barn.  and a nice barn it is dang it's cold.  This is the day I left.  I think it says about 8 degrees below zero. My (very small) plane leaving central WI airport. the Hollands dog Ginnie Jimbeau Holland, my old boss from Nortel Nathan Holland Patches the cat a nice guy is building scale replica of my grandparents barn, the following pictures are all of that replica.  This is in the hay loft The milking shed this is actully the first barn he built, so it's not grandpa's.  But I thought the lights and cows were neat ohh yeah.. the marble drop toy I played with all the time when I visited I flew back to Raleigh to visit the Hollands.

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