Charles' Photo DB Mount de Sales Fiber Installation and new server

Mount de Sales Fiber Installation and new server

Working for Mount de Sales Academy, Summer 2002, they were still running on the same 128kbps Dual Channel ISDN (I know, redundent) circuit used since 1995. It worked at times, but I was there to bring things up to speed, and the interenet connection was one of those things that needed improvement. Not only was the bandwidth too little at peak times and horribly slow downloading slackware ISO's, but our particular copper pair was noisy, and the line would bounce during a storm constantly.

We started to look at a T1, but were soon approached by Cox Business Services who was offering a 100 mpbs fiber connection with the basic rate limiting to 2 mbps for a good price compared to a T1. The contract was approved by administration, and after about a month or so of waiting, we had ourselves a nice little internet connection. :) The overhead fiber contractor come first in about a month, bringing the fiber inside the building and leaving it above the ceiling, a week later the terminating guys came and gave us a nice demarcation box. In about another week the Cox folks came out with the media converter, tested it, and turned it over to us.

The connection really is just a long 100mpbs (100Base-LX?) ethernet segment connecting their MLS right to the media converter on our side, which goes right into our router. The connection is wave multiplexed, meaning the connection is literally a single strand, sending and receiving at 1330nm and 1550nm (in which order I don't recall). The fiber coming from the street is six strand. At any rate, these are the pictures of that installation.


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