Charles' Photo DB GPTV Tour


The GT Amateur Radio Club got a tour of the GPTV facilites on 14th Street here in Atlanta. All had a great time and spent plenty of time (2 1/2 hours) checking out the facility.

Peach State Public Radio Studio Nice mic peter\'s picture peter\'s picture peter\'s picture cable riser closet hey, they use the same KVM as me :) fiber connections to some cool places HDTV up and down converter TIVO Plus TIVO plus WA6NGC, our tour guide, in front of the important data room, which an ADIC (10TB?) tape drive array GPTV\'s (20TB?) SGI disk array State of GA\'s 4TB array intersting signal monitoring unit Just like mine at home... Master Control Master Control Master Control Master Control wiring flow Studio nice movable lighting racks TV camera Nice generators... output huge exhust piping power coming in every book shelf needs a precision timer Jon and camera Stephen and camera nice view 14 GHz TWT amplifiers and transmitters behind the racks 14.149.5 GHz TWT Amp

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