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Several members of NASA traveled to Muncie, IN, for the 2004 F3B Nationals. Those members were Tim Foster, Randy Chronic, Chris Brann, and myself. Traveling to Muncie on Thursday, July 22, we hung out Friday and checked out the AMA headquarters and museum, which I was real impressed with. Random for a building in the middle of Indiana soybean and corn fields. Despite the hectic travel schedule (leaving Muncie at 8:30pm, Sunday evening, with work on Monday in Atlanta), I think everybody was glad they went. Unluckily for some, I got to see most all of the major modes of failures at a soaring contest. Diving into the ground on a speed turn, getting your nose wrapped around the winch line on your zoom, getting your tail wrapped up in the line on launch, mid-air collision, and the impressive failure of a wing root. The South African team had the bad luck to get involved in three of those, but both the speed with which they were able to get flying again and the amount of CA they used were both awesome. Below are some pictures of the most impressive failure, Mike Smith\'s Furio NYX, which blew up right at the top of his launch. Were not really sure what the scores were, but I dont really need to know how close to last I came anyway. :)

Leaving Atlanta at 6am local time. Car boat combo Car boat combo Shinnnyyy Tim researching his old planes. They were running a pretty out of date copy of the Real Flight simulator. Cross country folks. Cross country folks. Bringing back whats left of Mikes NYX. After the right wing failed, the rest of the plane headed straight down at high speed, there wasnt much hope for what was left. A member of the South African team with one of their planes. The carnage.  Mike digging in to get his servos out.  One JR digital servo is still out there somewhere in the field. Boom failure The elevator control rod ripped up into the vertical stab. Guts hanging out.  The receiver was <i>destroyed</i>. About the make the cut on the last peice of decent wing. The elevator control rod ripped up into the vertical stab. Mike L. throws for another pilot. Tim Foster throws for Randy Chronic. Swedvinch! Mike L. pulls back lines. Group meeting Sunday evening. The South African F3B team, minus one member. Bad pictures, but here for the time stamp of when we arrived home Monday morning.

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