Charles' Photo DB Firefighting - Truck 106 Diagram

Firefighting - Truck 106 Diagram

It became clear to me that, after spending several nights going over the equipment on the truck (a.k.a. - the rolling toolbox) that this was one of those rare situations where I was actually going to have to follow the instructors advice and come back to study the material outside of class. And if there's an occasion to diagram, or chart, or draw something, instead of just study, then I'll surely do that instead. So here, I created these diagrams to help our class (Indoc IX) study for the final. I imagine this is somewhat like the street names the new career recruits have to memorize, except that this is probably a bit easier.

FYI - This is Truck 106, meaning it runs in Arlington County (100 series) and is stationed at Station 6, Falls Church. Along with Truck 106, the other two frontline peices at Station 6 are Engine 106 and Medic 106. The volunteer equipment is also stored there, two engines, two ambulances, a utility, and light-and-air, and a canteen.

I used Microsoft Visio to draw these.

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